Thursday, April 3, 2014


It seems amazing that I used to blog so much and now months seem to go by.   I don't feel overly busy (except for tax season) so not sure why I'm so behind on my blog.  Any way here are some new pictures.   I took them with my camera and I can never figure out why some come out right side up and some sideways - oh well enjoy the show anyway.

Shannon and her husband have gotten all moved next door so I've been cleaning and rearranging the house.  Still need to paint 2 bedrooms and the dining room but I hate painting.  Mainly cause I'm terrible at it.    I did decide when I ordered their carpet that I would rather have carpet in my living room instead of the wood floors.  I know everyone loves wood and laminate but it's always dirty.  Much easier to vacuum.  So I ordered a color called coffee since I have green walls and brown, tan and black furniture.  Here's a shot of the new carpet.   And that;s my grandbaby dog hanging out on his chair.

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