Thursday, April 3, 2014


I'm still not sure I have the living room the way I want it but I like it so far.  The chairs are one each side facing the TV then because the room is so long (29 feet), I set up a sitting area on the other end near the front window.  I moved my daybed into the room to use as a sofa.  Then I ordered some custom pillows made for it and they look great as well as add a little color to the room.  The seat part is tan at the moment only because I haven't had time to make the quilt for it.  It will have a black quilt with gold thread for the seat area.  I'm hoping it looks good with the pillows.   Here's a picture of the bed how it looks plain then with my pillows.  Hoping to make the seat quilt in next couple of weeks.  Oh those pillows are so much prettier in person

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