Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Today's Rant

Here is my new rant for the day.  Have you heard about Hobby Lobby refusing to offer heathcare benefits that include the day after pill?  If so, go out and support Hobby Lobby.  They are owned by a Christian company and they feel it goes against God's wishes.  Isn't this America?  Weren't we founded on relgious freedom?  The goverment says they are not a church so have no rights to claim the exemption for religious reasons.  What crap is that.  Do you have to be a church to have religious beliefs?  Do you have to be a church to stand up and say I own this company and am running it the way God leads me to do so and this is somethig I refuse to offer - it goes against what I believe?

Even if you put all this aside I have to ask - why should you're employer be responsible to pay for your birth control?  If you choose to engage in activity that could result in producing a child that's a personal choice and you should be responsible for the outcome, not your employer.  And an even bigger issue - if you're using the day after pill I assume you did not use a condom so I'm doubting your intellegence already - have you heard of AIDS.  The day after pill doesn't protect against that.

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