Friday, May 3, 2013


I can't believe I've had nothing to add for months.  Couple of heath things bothering me this year and tax season really took a toll on me this year.  Once you combine that with my FMQ juki breaking and having to wait for parts from Japan along with the new machine dying and having to be shipped back to GA to get repaired, I think I actually have quite a bit done.   Here is one I finished in March.  It's just a lap quilt I did with scraps.  It went to a client I'me very fond of that was in the hospital for quite a while.  I just send em where God says they need to go.  This is before it was quilted but I didn't get an after picture.

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  1. This quilt went to Barbara Salisbury in Lakeland. A client I really like and was having some health issues.