Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Well there are no photo's but a lot of frustration.   My 6 month old Juki Exceed arrived home last week after it's massive repair - thankfully a warranty item.  Now it sews, but the automatic thread cutter no longer works.  I'm seriously thinking I'll have to retract my recommendation of the juki machines.

The 98-TLQ was a great machine.  The ones since then just seem to be far less reliable.  The 2000Q on my frame has become a nightmare.  Since the thread take up lever was replaced, it is just a mess.   After trying 4 bobbins, second bobbin casing, 3 different needles, 2 different needle manufacturers, 5 different weight threads by 5 different companies, still won't sew more than 10 stitches without skipping stitches and thread breaking.  I actually put the bobbin in backwards and it sews a lot better.

Sewing tech said Sunday, timing is off and doesn't feel machine warrants repair.  So time to save for a replacement machine.   I think I may go with a Bailey since it fits my existing machine. 

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