Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It's now been a month I've had the new house. I still thank God for it every day. There are things that I've repaired and many things left to repair but I have plenty of time to get them done and what I don't the next person can fix. I'm all moved in but still trying to make room with all Shannon's stuff. When they move they are gonna need a huge apartment or house. They have about 3 times the stuff I do.

I think short of painting the living room that room pretty much ready. The paint in there isn't too bad and there are a lot of other things to spend the money on so it will wait. I've gotten the necessary items like the shower repaired and Bo replaced the living room outlets so now it's just one room at a time but I'll get there.

Housewarming party is January 8 and it won't be as finished as I'd like but it's clean so thats all that matters.

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