Monday, October 13, 2014

Vintage Sewing Machine #2

I'll call this number 2 since the treadle is number 1.  I realized over this past weekend I will likely never use the treadle.  I am using it as a table now to hold my Dressmaker but I can't see myself ever sewing on it and I have no idea how to get it running, replace parts, etc.

I found this Free Westinghouse from the 40's at Goodwill for $6.  Even with shipping it only totaled $36.  It seems to run fine and except for the cord and someone drawing an arrow on it, it looks in brand new condition.  I always wonder where did people store these for 50 years that it wasn't even dusty.   The cord is so brittle it cracked is numerous places so I'll have that replaced before I even try plugging her in.  She's not a treadle, she's just sitting on the treadle table for now.  She'll need a name once I get her running.

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