Monday, September 15, 2014


Well since vacation life is back to quiet which is ok with me.   Robert was kind enough to paint my sewing room while I was gone so now all that's left of the painting is the kitchen cabinets, wall and trim in the spare bedroom.

Since the sewing room is now painted (lavender room went back to spare bedroom), I decided to look again for an old treadle table to display my 1950's Dressmaker machine.  Usually when I find them they need so much refinishing I can't do or they are too pricey.  Well I found one last week for $95 and the cabinet needs nothing but polish.  I was surprised to find it has has a matched sewing machine inside.  Lordy my online group had a fit when I said I was taking the machine out .

After a lot of research it turns out it's a child's treadle which is pretty uncommon and we are still trying to locate info on the machine itself.  Looks like maybe an Eldridge.  Eventually I'll try and clean her up and see if I can find someone to show me how to use her.  If not she'll one day go off to Billy to restore if I find someone to teach me to use

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