Thursday, July 24, 2014


I can't believe I've been gone from here for a month.  Right after finishing the bedroom I had so many plans and quilts I wanted to get finished.  However, the devil had other plans.  I got the flu July 5 and it really threw me for a loop health wise.  So I'm currently working on locating a new doctor to handle some medical issues but life as we know it should return to normal.

This week I did get a new kitty.  She is one of Shannon's outside colony but she fell a couple of weeks ago and seems to have caused some damage.  She couldn't walk right for a while and now that she's better in that area she stays away from siblings and seems very withdrawn and scared.   She almost acts like someone that's had a stroke.  So, I decided she wold become my new inside kitty.  She moved in Monday night.  Her name is Kil'jaden.  Here she is in all her glory.

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