Thursday, May 29, 2014


Well I have two quilt tops finished but I never post them till they are quilted and done.  One I sent out for quilting and the other I was just waiting till I had more than one to mount on the frame.  

However, I was just on vacation.  Drove to TN and stopped along the way in Blue Ridge GA for a spa day. What an amazing time we had.  I went with the friend and we decided it was time to just splurge.  We ordered everything they had.  Arrived at 8:30 am and left at 6pm.  They even provided lunch and some amazing peach cider mixed with sparkling cider.

We ended up having a massage, a body scrub, tea tree scalp massage, facials, dry float body wrap, lunch, a hydrosoak and then finished up with a manicure and pedicure.

It was a once in a lifetime day.  After a week on a huge mountain in TN we went to Virginia for a couple of days so Debbie could see her family and headed home

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