Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I wanted to make quilts for some family friends for some time now.  After I finished the ladies dessert donation quilts I finally had time to do that.  I can't wait to deliver these to their new home.  The Slideshow is a simple pattern I've always liked.  It's a little time consuming but very pretty in any color.   I made the white first then tried to decide what to do for the husband.  I decided to make the same pattern in black and wow was I glad.  They are both beautiful but dark, bold colors are my favorite.   I hope they love em.    The camera did not do them justice. Oh and they both have my new signature pieced backs.

Next are the door prizes for the dessert then back to some charity quilts for local guild.


  1. I can't decide if I like the white or black version better--they are both lovely. Is that at Atkinson Designs pattern? And, what is your signature pieced back? Are you just using up fabric on hand, or do you have a specific pattern that you use? Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. I simply use whats on hand and cut it into 8" squares. I started doing it with the ALS donation quilts and I love the look of it. I just pick colors that kinda follow the same lines or that looks nice with the front.

  2. These quilts went to my second parents Nanyc & Kerry Boatwright. I love them dearly.