Thursday, October 4, 2012


It was bound to happen sooner or later - here is my first trash can quilt.  It broke my heart to turn this over to the cat for a bed cause as my friends will tell you, I treasure my batiks and this used a lot of them.  I even splurged and used $10 yard fabric for the backing which I never do.  Then I finally had time to quilt one of 4 or 5 waiting in the pile.  Every time I quilt one I think about people saying "you always meander", you always do the leaves and hearts, you need to do other stuff".  I never listen to it because I like doing a meander and I like the freehand hearts and leaves.  So I pinned this on and couldn't wait to get it done for my friend Kerry.  At the last minute I decided mabe I should try one of my template designs.

What a disaster.  I was using a new thread and it broke and broke and broke and each time left knotted thread all over the back.  After cutting it all out nothing in the pattern would line up right again.  If only I had done the meander I planned I could have stopped and started anyway and blended in the pattern after the fabric shifted from all the pulling and prodding.  Well live and learn.  Stick with what u like.  I refuse to give a quilt that isn't the best I can do so this will be recycled into a kitty bed.

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