Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Because I was asked to make a special quilt for a friend, I finally realized I'd like a machine that does something other than a straight stitch.  I would like to be able to applique occassionally but I love my Juki machines which are straight stitch only.  So I decided since I have the Juki 2000 on a quilt frame and could take it off if need be, maybe I would like something that would allow me to do some decorative work.  Unfortunately in order to afford it I would have to sell my small embroidery machine and my Juki TL-98.

Looking at the new plastic machines on the market I decided to buy an older Bernina Artista.  While it was a nice machine it became an $800 nightmare.  Bernina only supports software for so long then you have to buy updates.  Found free update then had to have special cable with a serial port since I use a laptop.  After all that I realized embroidery just isn't for me.  I have enough hobbies already.  So off the Bernina went to Craigs List (sold for almost what I paid it thankfully) but it meant I still needed an every day machine as I sold my Juki 98.

I was so thrilled to see Juki just starting offering a higher-end computerized machine with 200+ stitches.  And, it was the exact amount I paid and sold the Bernina for, yeah.  So it arrived Friday and I LOVE this machine.  Juki just makes an amazing product, no questions asked.   Here's a picture of the HZL-F400.

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