Friday, May 18, 2012

Many of you that know me well know that in 2005 my dad was diagnosed with the a rare form of brain atrophy very similar to ALS. He left us in January 2006. Quilts of Dreams is doing a drive this year for awareness and fundraising for ALS and has reached out to the quilting community. Quilters all over the US are being asked to donate quilts for ALS patients by July 30, 2012. The nicer quilts may be auctioned to raise research money as well. Did you know that ALS has been around for 100 years yet no research funds are spent on a cure or treatments. The death rate is so quick that the companies providing research funds simply spend it elsewhere. Did you know that someone is diagnosed with ALS and someone dies of ALS every 90 minutes. This disease robs you of what makes you, you. I can tell you fist hand that it’s effects are heartbreaking. This project is very important to me and many are families affected by it. If you know any quilters please pass along this website. If you know any quilters that might want to participate and funds may prevent the, from doing so please consider sponsoring a quilt. Most will gladly tell you what they could use to make a donation quilt. My goal is to have at least 5 to donate by 7/30/12 deadline. The website is below. Thanks Vicky

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