Monday, May 14, 2012

It always amazes me how fast the time seems to slip by lately. Last month would have been Pete's birthday. You think you get used to it but I miss him as much today as 5 years ago. I guess in time things get better if we remember we go to a much better place when we leave this world. I spent a week last week with some friends on a mini quilt retreat. We wanted something not to fancy but enjoyable and on the beach. I reserved us a room at Weston's in Englewood. My parents and friends used to go there every summer but I don't think I've been in 15 years. It was funny we had such a good time but when all was said and done it was a sad trip. I have so many fond memories of kayaking with my dad, sitting on the beach with my parents drinking coffee, hanging out with the Boatwrights for dinner. Sometimes you forget how much you miss people until you go back to places where you used to have good times. I like to think he was watching us enjoy the place again. Anyway, although there are new owners (Canadian company) and they are remodeling, they have kept a lot of the old look. Other than the colors of a couple of buildings it looks pretty much the same minus the ant issue. They've really done great at revamping but it still felt like the same place. So thats my ramble for the week.

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