Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I just finished this and don't ask, it's mine. I know, doesn't that sound greedy? Well I went from 10 years of quilting and owning 0 quilts to owning 5. As soon as the bargello comes off the frame I'll own 6. This started as a 4 patch posey pattern but the end result is my own. I made her squares but the rest of her pattern was unattractive, way too busy and a very confused pattern.

So I used the blocks and some cream triangles and designed my own finished design. I really like the outcome. I'll be using this on my red chair in my bedroom. Doesn't match the teal and brown going on the bed but when you love quilts, does that really matter?

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  1. This is Itty Bitty's quilt. SHe will have it forever.