Thursday, July 21, 2011


Here we go with pictures of my shower horror. When I bought my house it was obvious in master bath that the previous owner did not clean the shower or grout well. Once I started scrubing the finish came off the tub and caused more mildew. Found out from the plumber the owner had put a rubber coating on tub to make it look new. You cannot scrub it or it comes off. With allergies I cannot live with mildew. It had to go. Now that we did most of the lawn work it was time to get rid of the tub. The area is only 54 x 25 so I decided on just pulling the tub, tile the rest of the wall and floor and just make it a walk in shower. Besides I hate glas doors on tubs and showers. Makes me feel locked in. Here's ugly tub before we started.

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