Thursday, July 21, 2011


So on day 3 of the 2 day job found out the contractor I hired was just not going to work. Showed up high and cussing up a storm. Still didn't finish and that night I found out when he bought supplies from Lowes also added $100 or so in tools to my Lowes card. Needless to say fired him and contwcted Lowe's regarding contractor they recommended. Will have to sue to get my money back but lesson learned. New contractor was supposed to finish but claims entire job needed to be ripped out and done over as no liner was put over sub-floor. That was going to be another $3,000. Checked around and had plumber out. He capped off tub spout and agreed it was wrong. However he suggested he would last for some time if I did not have the extra $3k - I did not. Here's what I did not know. Every shower eventually leaks as grout is not waterproof - huh? Why's it in a shower then? Eventually it pulls away from tile and water runs through. That water is caught in liner and runs out drain. I have no liner so it will run under shower which is concrete foundation and wood base floor added for shower. Plumber said we could finish as is and make a point of redoing grout once a year as well as silicone caulk all edges. Thats the route I took.

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