Sunday, July 26, 2009


I get so sidetracked in my quilting, stopping for this project and that, starting one and changing to the next before I get finished. Dropping things for another project, etc. and then trying to see where I left off. My biggest battle is trying to please everyone's schedule.

Last week I realized my life was getting a little overwhelmed and extremely over committed. So I took out my day runner and scheduled time for house stuff, shop bookkeeping and even my quilting. I realized when I was finished that I was once again not only looked forward to quilting but that I was fully booked with no down time for personal things. However, the joy was back in my quilting as I knew exactly what I had planned, who was waiting on what, which project was next, etc. It was refreshing to actually know, ok I'll have this on this date and tell people when to expect things. What stunned me was I was booked with projects right thur January, 2010. I was shocked I had promised that many projects. But I realized I couldn't wait to get started on the next one. I even shocked myself .

I was offered a job to quilt someone's quilt next month and for the first time I said no I can't. It felt good to say I can do it but cannot promise you a specific date as I have a full schedule. It was hard but it was a good plan. I spent quite some time with the local quilt shop and longarm owner last week talking about committments and realized that we all have to say - I can do it but on this schedule. We have to remember if that is a problem or they need sooner then there are many other quilters out there. I also realized that it was okay to say I charge x amount of $ for this project. She suggested a deposit but I don't think I'm there yet. It is hard for me to charge people as I'm not a professional, this isn't my livelihood. But I realized I'm as good as many quilters and it's okay to be paid for my work. I had to do that befor I learned. And you know, she still scheduled the quilt work with me even though I said it would be 60-90 days and $100 and I found out why. Every quilter that takes client work, schedules time for each project and clients expect to get back based on that schedule. They don't drop off saying this is when I want it back. They know up front so its never an issue. It was very refreshing for me. I have a hard time saying no but I am learning that my commitments have to come first.

So thats my revelation in a nutshell. I am growing as a quilter, learning that my work is good quality and there is nothing wrong with saying NO.

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