Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I was told yesterday that a friend was in the fabric store and saw they had Obama fabric. Well I never knew the fabric companies made presidential fabrics. What a neat idea for a quilt. So last night after my fellow quilters left I researched the internet to see what I could find. I was amazed. Apparently they don't make presidential fabric or at least I couldn't find any but Obama. WHAT's THAT ABOUT?

Out of all the amazing accomplishments our many presidents have made were none worthy of commemorating in fabric except one who has been in office less than 6 months and honestly has achieved nothing close to his predecessors so far. Washington was our 1st president as a nation, Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, Andrew Johnson while not good was our first impeached president, Lincoln ended slavery, Wilson was the first to ever speak to the nation over the radio, Roosevelt was an amazing example of our military. These are just a small few off the top of my head.The list goes on and on yet the only fabric I found was Obama. Politics aside - party affiliation aside - you have to ask why and no matter who you are the answer is just sad. As a nation we choose to make heroes where they don't exist. Here's a simple man that ran for president and won. I believe 43 have come before him that did the same thing. Many of those 43 made amazing contributions to our country and the fabric companies choose to finally print a line of the one that referred to Americans as arrogant and so far accomplished little more than being elected. I'LL DEFINITELY WATCH WHAT MANUFACTURERS I BUY NOW.


  1. Lighten up.

    Obama inspired a popular movement, which no president in recent years has. They are cynically trying to cash in.

    I think it is incredibly tacky to put his image on fabric, and while I am a supporter, I won't buy it. But then again, neither would I buy fabric with images of Lucy Ricardo on it, as much as I liked the old "I Love Lucy" series. I didn't buy any of the Elvis fabric and I think this is much the same.

  2. Oh Michelle - why post just to be negative on other people's blogs? Is this an example of the movement you claim Mr. Obama has inspired -we're no longer entitle to our opinions? I think you're right as we have a government that is now looking to controlling everything.

  3. I don't think Michele said anything negative about Vicky's remarks. She just called it like it is. The fabric company is not "honoring" President Obama. They are cashing in on his popularity. There oughta be a law, but I don't think there is.

    For Vicky, my advice is to look at the "honor" this fabric company is doing to the President. No honor, just cashing in. I agree with you, Vicky, when you say where are the other Presidential fabrics. Seems to me if these companies really wanted to cash in, they would put out a President Washington (and the rest) fabrics in some high-quality goods so serious quilters can choose to make a "presidential" quilt or quilts.

    Wouldn't that be fun? I think it would and also profitable. Nobody's going to pay much attention to an obvious attempt to cash in on President Obama'a popularity, but a genuine new series of good fabric would be welcomed and appreciated. In my humble opinion.