Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Well my Accuquilt Go Cutter arrived Friday and would you believe I didn't even get it out of the box till Sunday afternoon. Then all I did was cut a test square. I've received most of the dies but the cutting mats are on backorder. Yesterday the 2.5" strip cutter arrived but looks like I didn't order a mat for that so I had to do that today and wait for it to come. I guess they don't mention that you have to have a mat for the size die you're cutting. Once you realize what you've invested you start deciding from now on if it can't be cut with that then I won't make it. Maybe I can rent it out (ha-ha).

Most of my Tuesday ladies cancelled tonight so I'll take a few moments and cut out some of those tumbler blocks. I do have the 10x10 cutting mat for that die. I have a friend who's dog could use a nice quilt. Maybe something in a pretty blue color. I've always wanted to make a tumbler quilt but the cutting looked tedious.

Maybe I'll try a paper piece block. Never have but been thinking about it. Or here's an idea - maybe I'll work on finishing those 3 laying on the table. I have 1 with half the binding on, 2 more waiting on quilting and one just started but several more in my head.


  1. dogs like red, just like bulls.

    Also, I think you should put a small white stripe between the red blocks, red on red, not lovin it. Just my opinion. I love grout lines.

    Your doing a great job.

    Please, I just want to be anonymous for now.

  2. The white strip is a great idea however the quilt as you go patterns use the back folded over so it doesn't have the option of adding that other color as the back is red.