Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Boy this quilt is not working out. I thought "oh I have plenty of time, don't have to rush" but now Houston's deployment is coming up next month.

I decided I do not like the quilt as you go design for this quilt. I like the concept but red folded to the front is too stark for me. So what now since I've cut up all $58 worth of fabric? Well I tried sewing 5 strips together similar to the quilt as you go block and sashing in red. It's okay but after a day of making those blocks - not loving it.

About midnight last night I thought about the puzzle box so I jumped up and made a square. WOW it really shows off the flag fabric better than the rest. The center is the flag fabric with blue and red sashing. I'll throw in a small white border to get all the colors included. So now I'll rush to get it done but I'll like the final quilt much better and I want him to have something nice to remind him of home. I'll post a pic tonight or tomorrow of the finished block.

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