Friday, May 15, 2009


Not that I don't have enough started projects - but I've started another one. It kinda jumped ahead in the line because it has a deadline. My brother's girlfriend has a 21 year old son in the Navy. He will be leaving for the Persian Gulf mid June and I wanted to have a quilt for him to take as he head away from home.

I selected the fabrics during an 8:45 pm trip to Joann's last night. i wanted something to remind him of America so you know they had to be red/white & blue. This pattern is one of the quilt as you go patterns. You make the blocks with all three layers at one time then join them turning the seams to the outside and sewing down so as you complete each one it's a finished block.

I love the colors and think they blend wonderfully but I'm not sure I like the look of the final seams joined. So I'll wait a few days and see if it growns on me. If not I'll make something similar in a traditional block. Here's what I have so far. Ignore my seams - this is a trial run from 11pm last night.

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